The following is a list of violations of Agreements from April 16th to date.

1. As per Agreement, The Caretaker position time limit expired May16th, leaving me without assistance as per the Agreement, placing my life, health, happiness, and liberty in jeopardy.

2. As per lease Agreement Providing adequate water, has not occurred Past one year and 8 months jeopardizing not only my health and welfare but also the farm in general. My major garden area had to be abandoned for lack of water which normally constitutes my major source of food supply. The entire farm is suffering due to lack of water. I had to install at my own expense a new pump and install it in the river, and use river water for drinking and cooking – that may not be healthy - no viable plan, that I know of, to accommodate water requirements. Irresponsible! Unconscionable!

3. Contrary to the Agreement, I was to be paid $15,000 annually payable monthly – 1 year and 8 months overdue.

4. Violation Thinning logging permits completed by June 31st - so logging could commence summer or fall 2021- tens of thousands lost due to this unnecessary violation. Furthermore, nothing is being done to be able to log next year - the permits could have been obtained 5 days after the signing of the agreement.All of tis is documented and can be confirmed.

5. Contrary to Agreement, told not to draw water out of the river, I am not to draw water out of the river. No other source of water is available to me - see Gift agreement for details - affedct is to force me out of my land even with the lease they gave me.

6. Nothing has been done to look for grants for restoration of Gulch 7 to raise the water table for the return of a viable salmonid fish habitat as was of highest priority for this calendar year.

7. Contrary to agreement, disallowing me from cutting trees and use of equipment as needed for my firewood needs creates extreme hardship especially for my firewood needs this winter and next year. The lease agreement clearly states that HSUF is to provide me with "Heat, Light, and water".

8. Contrary to agreement, Neglecting servicing, repair, maintenance, and repair of structures and equipment. I have had to - on my own time - at my own expense for the past 1 year and 8 months to keep my access and egress open by clearing aabout 40 trees or the farm would have been accessable. I had to hire help to do this work at my own expense..

9. Agreed on a $500 slush fund for me to purchase small items such as fuel and screws and such for the farm have not been granted. I have had to purchase a number of farm items including fuel over $800 in costs at my own expense - reimbursement has been denied.

10. Agreement to set up an account with Mendo Mill Lumber Company to order farm supplies as required has not occurred as agreed upon.

11. Promise of an RTV for farm work and transportation has not occurred.

12. Promise of a farm pickup truck to pick up town supplies. I have been using my personal vehicle for this purpose at my personal expense.

13. Purchase of chain saws for the farm operation along with other small and power tools. I have had to use my own chainsaws, generators, and multiple other hand tools - purchase paint - etc. to keep the farm operational this past 1 year abd 8 months at my own expense.

14. Reimbursement for farm expenses for diesel fuel, gas, tags, for marking trees. use of personal tools and equipment denied.

15. Work on fire prevention programs - As was discussed - non implemented to date.

16. Tan oak abatement – not initiated.

17. HSU CCat program expanded on property - and many other programs that led me to sign the Gift of my Land to HSUF not implemented. See EXHIBIT “G” - Statement of Donor Intent,

in the  Conditions of Gift of Land Agreement”. page 23.

Thanks in advance for your interest.

For more information contact me via email [email protected]


Charles Bello