Charles Bello,founder and director of The Redwood Forest Institute ( seeking 2 middle aged, skilled, professional, homesteading couples to continue 52 years of stewardship of this special place, a secluded 400-acre redwood forest ranch halfway between Willits and Fort Bragg, deep in the redwood forest. See video by Kirsten Dirksen, Youtube - 50 years off Grid for more information.

Ideally, what is require is - two or three very special couples as we were at your age (mid to late 30's) interested in commiting to a lifestyle where one does for him or her self to provide food, shelter, and financial independence rather than working for pay and hiring others to provide goods and services for them.
Participants need to have at least 1 years of professional experience in at least one or more of the following disciplines.  
  1. Gardening and farming 
  2. Living off grid or grown up on a farm or a farming community
  3. Chainsaw operator that knows how to sharpen and maintain these saws
  4. Experience with goats, chickens
  5. Journeyman carpenter or contractor with experience in plumbing, and electrical - solar systems.
  6. Backhoe operator 
  7. Mechanic to maintain, and service heavy equipment such as dump trucks and backhoes.
  8. Welding
  9. Knowledgeable in 501-c-3 non-profit structure.
  10. Funding - grant writing skills - web development skills
  11. Preferred age range 35 to 45 years old 
  12. Financial independence is desirable or some independent source of income for at least the short term until funding for a sustainable income can be established. 

A reasonable wage will be provided depending on skills and experience, Housing, Access to existing Garden and expanded garden and with some animals for becoming as self-sustaining as is possible in Food Production, Energy and Financial Independence.  If in time all works wll to everyone's expectation you will be allowed to become a RFI board of director member so    that you will have a say in the operation of the farm.

No smoking, no drugs or pot, only moderate social drinking allowed, dogs or cats considered. Good landlord and work references required.  Permission to do a background check required.  Please, do not answer this announcement unless you are certain that you fit the requirements as stated in the above as I simply cannot handle another 900 emails.
For more information email [email protected]
Thanks in advance for your consideration.
Best wishes and kindest regards,
Charles Bello