My dear friends and kindred redwood spirits.

Let’s take a walk and see what this place can be like 50 years from now.  In a walk about our 400 acres we can see 20,000 plus redwoods 3 to 6 feet in diameter – 150 to 250 feet tall – in many places lush patches of ferns growing in and around them along with a scattering of oaks and madrone.  This will become a wildlife sanctuary as a part of the forest ecology programs in place.  There are open meadows scattered about for fire protection - carpets of moss growing in and among the trees in many of the cool pockets around and about the  farm. – In the summer it will be shady, cool, and damp along the Gulch 7, the creek, and North Fork of the Noyo River. Children and adults will be swimming in Kings Hole a wonderful 13 ft deep about 50 foot diameter swimming hole. An arched foot bridge spans the river to Kings Hole ---- Spring Trail, Crest Trail, North West boundary trail to the ridgetop. On the other side of the river we go to Big Tree, a lightening struck 1000 year old redwood that you can duck into the center into a 6 foot room that look up to the sky. Then following the trial along the North ridge down into big tree canyon that as the tallest tree on the farm to date - 240 ft tall. This canyon is preserved in perpetuity for no human intervention that meets Gulch 7 at the bottom. Now following along Gulch 7 we see 6 small ponds and cross 3 moss covered concrete arched bridges. The creek that run through the property flows with crystal clear water and restored so that hundreds of salmon and other fish will find suitable spawning grounds.  Catch small ponds or catch basins along Gulch 7 are to raise the water table so that viable spawning grounds for salmon can be restored as it was prior to the original logging and recent drought years.  Since it is a warm day we will walk down some steps to a deck with chairs to sit and enjoy a spectacular scenery of lush green 5 finger ferns, the cool refreshing air and listen to the mesmerizing sounds of the sounds of the water rushing among and trough the rock riffles.
Most of the tanoak infestation resulting from the original logging will be mitigated with 20,000 redwoods planted in their place.

The 3 acre park like entry meadow will have 2 horses, 4 goats, 20 chickens.  With sheds hidden in the bushes along Gulch 7 (a creek that runs through the property.  

Across from the entry meadow there are 3 acres of garden space with orchards with peaches, pears, apples, plums, cherries, hazel nuts, grapes, kiwis, blueberries, raspberries, boysenberries, and garden vegetables, and other fruits and vegetables. On the North end of this area we see a 40 x 100 foot radiant heated greenhouse to house avocado trees, citrus trees and dwarf fruit trees that cannot survive outside.

Of course there we will have to find ways to work with wildlife that will be attracted to our food supplies and their predators.  We will share some of our food supplies but will have to find ways to let them know that we can share but they have to allow us to share with them our bounty.

Central to the property we will have outdoor showers and sauna dehydrators for drying food, laundry area etc.  

The entire farm is independent of fossil fuels - most of the energy source from solar panels, water pumps from wells solar powered. Shops all solar powered, transportation vehicles all solar powered.

On the west side of the property we see a curved 80 ft 2 story dormitory to house 15 to 20 students and learning sustainable life style skills so that they too can with friends follow our model in how live off grid.
Along the river and creeks we see 3 glamping sites and 3 little houses on wheels for a retreat center to accommodate kindred redwood spirits for a back to nature get away.  ....... to be continued when time allows 
Charles Bello his vision for what this could be like with your help with funding the project and participation in helping me get back on track from the mistake I made in trusting HSUF as seeing the vehicle to fulfill this vision.