Organic Gardening and Farming

There is so much to cover here so that for our purposes we will try to limit our time to 4 hrs. Students will learn to extend their growing season with inexpensive mini-greenhouses.

Grafting will be emphasized so that everyone will actually do a graft or two. This is most important for the small homesteader as it facilitates polarization and allows a greater variety of fruits in a small orchard.

The balance of the day will be devoted to a tour of orchards and gardens on facility. Discussions and demonstration of quick and effective ways to germinate and pollinate difficult plants, and protect fruit from wild life. Evening campfire with music and stories for those staying overnight.

Frost protection using water spray.

Two basic types of graft you will learn to do in this seminar

Frost fighting with water mist

18'x40'Greenhouse feeds couple     

  Mini-green house extends growing season

Includes hands on instruction on grafting of different varieties of fruit on same tree, general instruction on pruning, composting, soils, crops, frost fighting, protection of fruit crops from wildlife (Quick easy and inexpensive system for deer fencing), protection of crops from birds, raccoons, chipmunks, bears, etc.

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