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Dear Friends,

20131021_150331We have had a very active year so far at The Redwood Forest Institute, filled with new visitors, ideas, and programs! Charles has been quite busy, as he has been enjoying the company of an average of 15 visitors almost every weekend. The constant influx of fresh energy, ideas, and personalities has been invigorating.

What's New?  Lots!

Check out our latest media coverage in the New York Times - “Where the World's Greatest Photographers Go to Get Away.” We have received many emails and bookings as a result.  Thanks Ryan! Take a look!  

charles at kstate

The exhibit of Charles's redwood sculptures at the Beach Museum at Kansas State University opened on September 12th, in conjunction with the Museum's Annual Fundraising Gala. You can read about the show here. Charles's works will be on display at K-State until December 14th - if you get a chance to attend, please let us know and send a photo!

Also, a special friend generously created a ten-minute, wonderful, educational video for the Museum exhibit. You can view it here!

Once again, Charles diligently worked the land to produce an abundance of pesticide-free, homegrown food including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and boysenberries, along with asparagus, peppers, tomatoes, green beans, pea pods, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, potatoes, kale, parsley, basil, apples, peaches, plums, pears and lots and lots of lettuce.  Now, Charles is busy harvesting and drying beautiful, plump grapes.  Yum!  No wonder Charles is in great shape!


The bounty was aided gGeodesic 2reatly by the construction of a new geodesic greenhouse dome. Many thanks to the Burks and Pierre, a neighbor's friend, for helping with this project. The yield this year was quite impressive, though not as entertaining as Charles's clever mechanism for easy and quick roof ventilation!

We continue to pursue educational programs, and are very excited about the potential contributions of an experienced environmental educator who may volunteer as our new Educational Program Director. We are in discussions with a charter school about having a group of 4th graders come to the ranch for biology workshops. A girl scout troop has also inquired about holding a retreat at RFI  in the spring. Combining recreation with education is part of our mission, so we hope these relationships continue to blossom!

We also continue to actively search for a solution for the growing needs of maintaining the property and guest lodging. RFI lodging maintenance and guest preparation have become increasingly time-consuming with the media coverage and repeat visitors. This summer a friend came to the ranch for two weeks and spent much of this time documenting the entire water system that Charles has built. We feel this will be very useful for the future caretakers and maintenance of RFI.

The continued future direction of RFI is to combine recreation and education, and along with this, our vision is for RFI to become one of the most beautiful private parks for enjoyment of the participants and their families and friends. The prospect of creating an Artist-in-Residence Program is being researched and developed by a team of artists from Texas. And last but definitely never least is our continuance with the operation of the ranch as a model for how the redwood forest should be managed - where environmental consideration and forest ecology are favored over profits.

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A Note From Charles

Hello everybody,

I really enjoyed your visits here in our special place in the redwoods.  As you know my greatest concern is the future of this land and how to keep it available for those of you that find it a special place as I do to get away from it all.   What you can do is to get involved with RFI, come visit, send your friends, and contribute so as to keep RFI alive and well so that it can continue to be available for you, your family, and kindred souls. 


Charles Bello
RFI President

Don't forget to check our website for discounted rates as we go into the fall, winter, and spring season!

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