Update on what is going on as of April 11, 2022
Can you even imagine a 24/7 - a one year long nightmare?  It is a wonder I have been able to survive this ordeal and still standing approaching 90 years of age.  Two month ago HSUF attorneys said they were  more than willing to negotiate rescission (return the land to me). It looked like we were getting somewhere but it turned out to be another stalling maneuver to wear me down seemingly waiting for my demise so they can do whatever they want to do with my land. Most likely sell it.  It is all about ---Money-- at the expense of a trusting, naive, and foolish old man.
Thanks for your kind words and support I am still in the arena fighting for my life --- my land, my vision, and legacy.
 What I really need is funding to hire the best Elder Abuse attorney available or one who is willing to take my issue on a contingency basis.  If you happen to know of someone like this, I will be most appreciate, if you can put me in touch with them.
 I still need your supporting emails to the 4 recipients at the bottom of this page as this can make a difference.


Save These Redwoods
           My dear friends and kindred redwood spirits,

My name is Charles Bello, and I am a 90-year-old widower. I have been living off-grid for 53 years on my 400-acre redwood forest as well as FOUNDER of our non-profit organization, the Redwood Forest Institute (RFI).

For more about my life’s work, please see Kirsten Dirksen’s documentary, “50 years off-grid,” with 9,468,145 views to date and my website www.savetrees.org.


Personally, I cannot think of anything I can do as an individual that is more beneficial for your children and for future generations, than preserving and restoring our Redwood Forests along with teaching sustainable lifestyle skills, and providing special place for you and future generations to commune with nature. This is my vision and legacy that I was led to believe was consistent with HSUF's educational and conservation programs! 

My problem started when November 12th, 2020, Humboldt State University Foundation sent me the Donor Intent Document - EXHIBIT “G” in the Agreement, where HSUF staff along with HSUF officials assured me that they felt privileged and honored that I would choose them to carry on with my vision and legacy. With these promises, my thought was, “How could I go wrong?” So, on the 16th of April 2021, I signed the “Conditions of Gift of Land Agreement '' which represents my vision and legacy along with the Grant Deed giving them ownership of my life’s work along with this precious place.

12 months later, almost to date, HSUF has violated the vast majority of conditions listed within the Agreement. For detailed information on the agreement and violations, you may refer to these actual PDF documents:

1. Conditions of Gift of Land Agreement

2. Violations of the Conditions of Gift of Land Agreement to date

I signed the agreement in good faith that a prestigious university such an HSUF would abide by the conditions agreed upon and honored their word. I was excited and enchanted to get to work with the university as well as looking forward to training their staff to carry on my vision and legacy well into the future.

Now 12 months have passed.  Due to the numerous violations of the agreement by HSUF, I have since asked them to rescind the original agreement in which they have refused. I am now faced with going through the legal process to recover my land. To do so, I need your help. My attorneys tell me that this process could take up to 3 years and perhaps as much as $500,000.00 or more. I can not do this without your support.


  • Through funding. Getting the land back requires filing a suit along with social media exposure to let HSUF know that we are serious about righting their wrongs. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

  • Support to recover my land by sending emails to your friends along with social media channels asking them to pass the word on to others. Spread the word!

  • What I really need is a Elder Abuse attorney specialist, who is willing to work on a contingency basis that will not be intimidated by HSUF's unlimited budget to bill time and unlimited funds to take my land away from me.

  • Join us with a group of others to ask HSUF to do the right thing by rescinding the Conditions of Gift of Land Agreement so that Mr. Bello can have his land and his life back so he can continue with his vision and legacy of the property. 


Please make checks payable to the Redwood Forest Institute, sent to P.O. Box 2079, Willits, Ca. 95490.

Please Forward this sample -  EMAIL TO FOLLOWING addresses.
Dear Sirs
I recently watched the documentary on you tube about Charles Bello and his life long project - i thought everything was incredibly inspiring about his life pursuit, sadly after watching i became aware that Charles Bello has encountered problems and i feel compelled to write to you.
You should be ashamed that you have so far not honorer your commitments set out in the agreement, Charles's legacy should be preserved with the utmost respect - what kind of message does your approach send to the future generations? Charles life pursuits should be cherished and protected.
I request that you do the right and moral thing to preserve the legacy of the life and work of Charles Bello, 
that you honor him for his unique contribution at a time on our planet when it is in dire need of efforts like his.