My dear friends and fellow participants.
YES, I am still smiling and fighting to get my life and my land back to save our redwoods. - It has become a do or die proposition for me as over 10,800,405 of you have visited Kirsten Dirksen "50 years off grid YouTube video to date.  Thousands have respond and asked - "How can I help"? 
Hello Jonathan, (HSUF'S ATTORNEY)
I do not know what is going on between you and Neary, (MY ATTORNEY) but these are my thoughts for what they are worth!
After a year and a half, negocating with my attorneys, don't you think It is time to get this settled?   I sent you an email stating my position for a settlement proposal that I can live with for the transfer of the land back to RFI rather than rescission as was my preference which was turned dolwn.  This proposal is consistant with the Gift of Land Agreement.  My understanding was that HUSF was agreeable to this proposal but now has turned it down also.  Now, I am willing to compromise the transfer to RFI to get this done and over with ASAP which is consistent with our AGREEMENT as follows:
Conditions of Gift of Land Agreement -  See section 18. Prohibition on Transfer.  (b) Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing shall prevent the Foundation from (i) granting  easements, restrictive covenants, tenancies, licenses or other matters to further the stewardship of  the Property, provided they are consistent with the Conservation Easement; (ii) transfers to  affiliates of the Foundation or HSU; (iii) transfer to another non-profit entity with requisite  experience in conservation and forest management which agrees to assume the obligations under  this Agreement and the Conservation Easement and to continue the mission of the Foundation  consistent therewith, with a first right of refusal granted to RFI; or (iv) such other transactions  that in the judgment of the Foundation are prudent, appropriate and justified in order to carry on  the mission of the Foundation in stewarding the Property in accordance with Bello's wishes  stated herein. 
Since HSUF has not accepted my last offer, the only way we are going to bring this issue to a close is for you, Jonathan -  knowing my position -  to come up with a counter offer in writing - to see if I am willing and able to make some compromises so we can bring this issue to a satisfactory conclusion.  
I will be looking forward to a counter offer in writing from HSUF by the middle of this week -  or at the latest - by the end of the week or all bets are off. 
On a personal note:  Frank, You are no longer are a young man soon to become an elder as I am.  I cannot understand why CPH needs to continue to drag me through hell and back every single day as it has for the past year and a half with loss of income, incredible stress, pain and suffering by violating every CONDITION OF GIFT OF LAND AGREEMENT?
When YOU AND I entered into this Agreement we were like caring loving brothers.  It boggles my mind that I find myself in the situation I'm in today because I put my trust in that you were sincere in our negocialtions with each other.  It is in my view, unconscionable that you insist that you met with all the conditions that were ageed upon.   In the end we all have to live with ourselves - of course, if we have no conscience, it really doesn't really matter does it? 
It became obvious within the first two weeks after signing that because of distance, budgetary problems and other  that this cooperation for mutual benefit was not going to work.  I asked you if you would consider rescission - your response was, "I do not know if we can do this''.
As you know I am close to Cal Poly SLO as a grad in Architectural Engineering, class of 55 - have been a visiting professor in the past, and friends with the administration as well.  Several years ago Cal Poly SLO took a look at the same scenario as was presented to you.  They turned it down for the same reasons as stated in the above rather than convincing me that they felt honored and privileged to carry on with my vision and legacy, 

I have talked to them about our problem - Christine sent you an email asking you to give me back my land - she told me that Cal Poly SLO has this same problem all the time where the donor changes his or her mind with gifts of land and or money  - they do not argue with the donor but give it back without reservation as they do not want or need the bad reputation refusal ensures.  I think you might be able to learn something by following their example.
I am wondering if there is a statute of limitation whereby you will be able to sell the land for profit  or being obligagted  to bide by the Conditions of the Gift of Land Agreement we signed?  If this is the case, is this not sealing or a criminal act?  If this is a fact, the question comes down to - does the University really need to acquire funds or land in this way?  I do not think so!  
Make good days for yourself.
Charles Bello
54 years ago my late wife Vanna Rae and I set out to create the most awesome 400 acre redwood park-like setting for this property as it was like prior to the original logging at the turn of the century - with 20,000 redwoods 10 to 12 feet in diameter redwoods 200 to 300 foot tall - with a magnificent river running through it - open meadows, a  place for you and your children and future generations to come to visit and get away for even a weekend educational weekend holiday - in a quiet place - to commune with nature - get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. 
Mr. Frank Whitlatch's latest response to one of my supporters -  Chris's Campomanes's email of June 29th. says 
The Foundation has honored its obligations concerning this land
donation, and is extremely disappointed and surprised by the false
information and claims being spread. We saw great potential for
learning and research at the property, and we worked in good faith to
meet the terms of the agreement. For many months now, we have been
explaining to Mr. Bello's counsel, as well as to his friends and
colleagues who have reached out on his behalf, that the Foundation is
willing to give up ownership of the property. However, given the
challenges made to the donation agreement by Mr. Bello, it is
essential that he be reprassented by counsel in any negotiations. He
has retained and subsequently fired at least three lawyers. We have
encouraged him to retain counsel again.  
On Wed, Jun 29, 2022, 9:23 PM Chris Campomanes wrote:
         I understand promises were made when your organization accepted the land gift from Charles. If this is accurate, I would appeal to your organization to honor the promises made. If unable to do so, then I ask that you return the land back.  Institutions like HSUF should be a model for integrity for future generations. The agreements seem reasonable, and the provisions you need to meet are paltry compared to what you are being gifted.
I know there is a lot of gain riding on this for your organization-but the world will know what you are doing. Your reputation, your legacy is at stake.
                                        On one hand you gain from this wrong.
On the other hand, the legacy of the HSUF will be tarnished for good. 
Think about it - if hundreds of concerned citizens were to take a few minutes to send an email similar to the one above to the following addresses in support of this mission - I believe, it would make a difference - 
Think of this as an opportunity to do something good you can be proud of for future generations.
    [email protected]
Thank You for you continued interest and support.
For more information see the rest of of the website
Best wishes and kindest regards,
Charles Bello 
Help Save These Redwoods
           My dear friends and kindred redwood spirits,

My name is Charles Bello, and I am a 90-year-old widower. I have been living off-grid for 53 years on my 400-acre redwood forest as well as FOUNDER of our non-profit organization, the Redwood Forest Institute (RFI).

For more about my life’s work, please see Kirsten Dirksen’s documentary, “50 years off-grid,” with over 10,450,000 views to date along with my website


Personally, I cannot think of anything I can do as an individual that is more beneficial for your children and for future generations, than preserving and restoring our Redwood Forests along with teaching sustainable lifestyle skills, and providing special place for you and future generations to commune with nature. This is my vision and legacy that I was led to believe was consistent with HSUF's educational and conservation programs! 

My problem started when November 12th, 2020, Humboldt State University Foundation sent me the Donor Intent Document - EXHIBIT “G” in the Agreement, where HSUF staff along with HSUF officials assured me that they felt privileged and honored that I would choose them to carry on with my vision and legacy. With these promises, my thought was, “How could I go wrong?” So, on the 16th of April 2021, I signed the “Conditions of Gift of Land Agreement '' which represents my vision and legacy along with the Grant Deed giving them ownership of my life’s work along with this precious place.

12 months later, almost to date, HSUF has violated the vast majority of conditions listed within the Agreement. For detailed information on the agreement and violations, you may refer to these actual PDF documents:

1. Conditions of Gift of Land Agreement

2. Violations of the Conditions of Gift of Land Agreement to date

I signed the agreement in good faith that a prestigious university such an HSUF would abide by the conditions agreed upon and honored their word. I was excited and enchanted to get to work with the university as well as looking forward to training their staff to carry on my vision and legacy well into the future.

Now one year and 4 months have passed.  Due to the numerous violations of the agreement by HSUF, I have since asked them to rescind the original agreement in which they have refused. I am now faced with going through the legal process to recover my land. To do so, I need your help. My attorneys tell me that this process could take up to 3 years and perhaps as much as $500,000.00 or more. I can not do this without your support.


Please make checks payable to the Redwood Forest Institute, sent to P.O. Box 2079, Willits, Ca. 95490.

I would really appreciate if you are able to take a few minutes and send an Email in your own words - to the following email  addresses as as Cris did as shown in the text above.
Thankyou for your continued interest and support.
Best wishes and kindest regards.
Charles Bello