With global warming and now withthe Corona Virus, among other problems being a real threat to the health and welfare of all the people of the world, especially the next generation and beyond, I would like tell the story of how two young people left their professions for a simpler way of life in communion with nature that proved successful while at the same time demonstrating and teaching others how they, too, can make a difference by following our working model to minimizing our adverse impact on the environment for the benefit of future generations.

In the late 60's my late wife and I left our professions as architect and choreographer. Purchased 400 acres of logged over redwood forest land in a remote area of Mendocino County, California with no water, no roads, no bridges, home schooled two children, became almost completely self-sustaining in providing food, energy, and financial independence for ourselves along with sharing this lifestyle with others.

Our work had been published in the New York Times, Google "Charles Bello, New York Times", and Dwell Magazine where literally hundreds of people have visited our farm for  educational/vacations and/or Self- Sustaining Skills Seminars.

So at 87, I would like to accomplish my last task - that is - to establish a small  community starting with 4 to 6 people and in time grow to 10-12 people that can learn and teach others the skills to become as self sustaining skill as is possible. Skills in:

  • Food production  -----  organic gardening with greenhouses, orchards, goats, and                                              chickens, etc 
  • Energy ------------------  solar power
  • Financially -------------- educational seminars, educational vacations for children as well                                       as adults, home industry creating salable products using the                                           raw materials readily available on the land.
  • Potential candidates must have the skills and other requirments as listed on the page titled Seeking Caretaker ASAP.
My late wife and I have proven that a self-sustaining. productive life style is possible and  by following our example others can do the same.

The following are some photo of the property for your observation as a supplement of how really magical these 400 acres are for this project. I am prepared to donate my 400 acres, give my time and energy, and all of my assets as my contribution to make this vision a reality. 

Thanks in advance for your interest hoping you may find it of value to help us along with kindred souls in this endeavor. Your help can make a difference especially for your children, and future generations.


Charles Bello