Food Processing

Students are to bring some fruits to be canned. Everyone will be able to can one quart of fruit to take home. Our method makes it possible to do large quantities in a minimum of time and minimal effort. We as a family of four were able to can 157 quarts of apple sauce in about 6 hours. That is two adults and two children. We will also show you how to sun dry fruit and with a wood fired dehydrator. We will break up the group in small teams so that the canning can be done in about 3 hours. We have food that was canned in 1995 that is still safe, and delicious.


Canning open kettle method use only with acidy fruits

Dried Peaches                 Dried Prunes           Dried Persimmons

The balance of the day will be used for a conducted guided tour of RFI's Headquarters working 400 acre self-sufficient ranch, and for recreational activities including hikes and overview of some of the other activities on site. For those camping overnight and or those who wish to stay over for evening entertainment, there will be a campfire with music, stories, and discussion of environmental issues with a focus on what is happening in the redwood forest and what RFI is doing about it. Bring an instrument if you have one.

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