Building with stone - the quick and easy way 

Learn how you can simply and quickly build beautiful, structurally sound stone-faced concrete walls of all sizes and shapes. This technique was used by Frank Lloyd Wright but has been modified to appear as "stone wall" rather than as a concrete wall with spotted stone. Charles Bello, leads the class in a permanent curvilinear stone wall at the at RFI Headquarters Facility. Forms are stripped so that the wall can be carved, sculpture, and cleaned and finished the same day, resulting in a permanent product that an inexperienced person can complete with ease. Learn also how this technique can apply to building of benches,bearing walls, arches, fireplaces, and curvilinear walls while becoming inspired to tackle your own projects. A useful project will be conducted from start to finish demonstrating all aspects of this technique.

Seminar 2000 at Institute for Solar Living Site                       Curved Stone Terrace Wall

                                  54 feet long by 7 ft. high stone wall completed in 5 hours

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