A Word Picture - Charvan Valley, California – Nov. 2nd, 2017

      I wish I were better with words.  Perhaps words cannot do justice to what I would like to share with you, but I will try to give you a word picture of what it was like waking up at my private mountain forest retreat in the redwoods. 

      It rained the night so the morning air is clean, cool, and refreshing.  The quiet is delicious setting my mind at ease.  Literally thousands of jewels are hanging on the ends of the of the redwood needles with just the slightest breeze swinging these gems back and forth so that the sunlight turns them into a multitude of sparkling crystals in all splendor of the rainbow.  The crimsons gems communicating back and forth between the heart and the mind and the turquoise nodding their heads assuring us they, too, wish to attract our attention.  As you graze out to the forest and beyond, the trees are glistening in a misty white coat with the fringes glowing like a million halos.  Some are more prominent than others – some marrying together to form a brotherhood of soft caressing fog  - some isolated mist puffs rising above the ground and melting into the atmosphere like a breath time in time eternal.

      This scene is a miracle of beauty and serenity for those who are privileged to have this experience which will live on for all eternity in our hearts and minds though it exists only moments in real time.