Background information on Case for Elder Abuse Bello vs CPH (Cal Poly Humboldt University)

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    1. If you wish to go to my website there are links to the Condiitons of Gift of Land Agreement and links to the Violations to date. and other informaiton to assess the situation.

  1. Preface - 

    1. I contacted CPH because they are known to be the largest and best forestry school in California 

      1. to see if they might be interested in carrying out my vision and legacy as long as the University exists.

    2. President Tom Jackson in a conference call with Mr. Frank Witlatch several weeks prior to the Signing of the Conditions of Gift of Land Agreement repeated to me twice that he personally wanted me to know that he was honored and privileged that I should choose CPH to carry on with my vision and legacy

      1. That is to restore our redwood forest as it was prior to the original logging creating the most awesome 400 acre redwood park in Northern California.

    3. See the petition link as follows for more detailed information- and/or Video viewed by almost 11 million visits to date -  Kristne Dirksen’s - “50 years off grid.”

    4. My thought was how could go wrong with the full backing and support of the president of the University itself.

    5. At 89 years old, a 12 year widower living alone with aging health problems on my 400 acre, remote for over 54 years on our redwood forest ranch, being a trusting and foolish old man without knowledge or experience in how business is conducted in today's world was convinced that my vision and legacy was secured as long as the  university exists and also they convinced me was aligned with their environmental and educational goals

    6. I do believe everyone acted in good faith initially thinking that a partnership as evolved was of mutual benefit up to and including the signing of the Agreement.

  2. The problem occurred two weeks after the signing of the Agreement.

    1. The problem was budgetary and distance to travel when they could do the same thing on other properties they owned that were more accessible

    2. See budgetary details as follows - for more informaiton.

    3. They claim they want to give me back my land but the conditions they require are unreasonable and unacceptable.

Charles Bello <[email protected]>  budget informaiton

May 1, 2021, 6:52 PM


The purpose  of this email is to give you realistic expectations of what it is going to cost you to operate this farm.

In Frank's email to me March 24th, The $150,000 is startup funds I can access within the HSU Foundation. I'm thinking it can cover bigger needs (like a well) as well as smaller needs (account at hardware store for screws) over a two-year period. It will also need to cover costs specific to HSU, like partial buyout of faculty time, safety assessment and mitigation on the property, travel and incidental costs for faculty/students, and more. These costs are different than you would experience as an individual property owner, but we have to do them as a large organization.

Tom:  Here is a realistic itemized budget that will be required to operate this farm.  this does not count on Start up funds 1st year of operation. All costs without labor costs

  1. Internet connection. --------------------------------------------$1,200.

  2. Solar power with generator or upgrade my system ---$5k,,to possible $10, let's say ------------------------------------------------------------$7,000

  3. Maintenance of 3 bedroom house electrical, heating, washer dryer connections wood preservatives hot water system refrigerator and furniture, utilities, Mis. without labor dosts  -----------------$20k to $40K say ---------------------------------------------------------------------------$30,000.

  4. Maintenance or replacement of A frame cabin--------------$30,000

  5. 3 glamping sites to be used as rentals ----------------------- $7,000

  6. Equipment repair and maintenance annually  ---------------$3,000 without travel time at $200/hr ----------------------------------  $10,000

  7. Propane --------------------------------------------------------------  $1,000

  8. Drill for water - with 20,000 gal reserve tank pump and fittings -  $15k to $30K say ---------------------------------------------------------------$20,000

  9. Replacement of my RTV 900 -------------------------------------$16,000

  10. Farm pickup used ----------------------------------------------------$20,000

  11. Gas and diesel fuel annually -------------------------------------- $5,000

  12. 20 foot trailer for caretaker -----------------------------------------$20,000

  13. 2 chain saws and mis. tools ----------------------------------------$5,000

  14. slush fund for screws, gloves, and safety equipment  -------$1000.

  15. Miscellaneous ----------------------------------------------------------$5,000

It looks like $150,000 the first year - thereafter,could be less. 

The email record shows that I asked Frank numerous times that I wanted to see a detailed annual budget prior to the signing of our agreement.  He never complied to this request except for the above budget proposal two weeks after signing the agreement on March 24th email. 

 It is unrealistic that he will be able to manage this farm with a $150,000 budget for the next  two years and pay for the above mentioned costs highlighted in yellow as well! 

If I had known that this was his allotment for the budget for the first two years I would have never signed the Agreement.

I hope this information will be useful.  

Wish you well,