Management of our forest to become a model as to how our forests should be managed for the benefit of future generations.

a. Long term rather than short term thinking where forest ecology and environmental practices are prioritized over short term monetary gains.Primarily focus on the importance of our forests for all of us on this planet for the preservation of water/air quality and forest ecology. Particularly, identifying flora and fauna  with the focus on redwoods.  

b. Site preparation and planting of redwoods as a part of this experience. Restoration of some old growth trees especially along streams and ridges for air and water quality and fisheries

c. Bringing our forest to full production with a health, thriving native flora, and fauna. Sustainable production of timber for commercial construction

d. Public education of the importance of a healthy forest for our own personal health and welfare

e. Forest use for a get-a-way and as a reconnect with nature for adults as well as children.

f. Fire protection maintain fire and fuel breaks on ridges and open meadows to be kept open for access and fire breaks along with water containment facilities (ponds and a dam).