Charles Bello, retired architect, founder and director of “The Redwood Forest Institute” ( seeking skilled middle aged couple to help maintain secluded, 400-acre ranch with a river running through it, halfway between Willits and Fort Bragg, deep in the redwood forest. Looking for successful middle aged professionals, wanting to get away from it all and live a more simple down to earth lifestyle.
Position requires person with interest and some skills in maintenance and repair of existing structures, existing infrastructure such as water systems, solar power, servicing and operation of backhoe, dump truck, and power tools -- especially skilled in the safe use of chainsaws. 

The idea is to carry on with 51 years of work with a small working farm with gardens and orchards and reestablishing a self sustaining life style with a couple of goats and chickens along with other food sources and at the same time becoming as self-sustaining as possible in food production, energy, and financial independence. 

    No smoking, good landlord and work references required. Please send a detailed description of relevant skills and experience to Bello, PO Box 2079, Willits, CA 95490 or fill out the questionnaire here:

Thanks in advance for your interest,

Charles Bello