Charles Bello, widower, founder and director of The Redwood Forest Institute ( seeking assistants to continue the legacy of 52 years of  stewardship of a secluded, 400-acre redwood forest ranch halfway between Willits and Fort Bragg, deep in the redwood forest. See video by Kirsten Dirksen, Youtube - 50 years off Grid for more information.
What I would like to leave for the benefit of humankind on my demise is the continuance of what my late wife Vanna Rae and I aspired to do and completed for the first phase as per our mission statement of the Redwood Forest Institute established in 1997.  
  • Preservation - of the redwood forest under our stewardship.
  • Restoration - of the old growth redwoods to bring the property back to as it was prior to the original logging. Truly, an awesome park like setting)
  • Education - with children along with adults - forest ecology and its importance for human life for the quality of  the air we breath and the water we drink along with the flora and fauna in the redwoods.
  • Vacation  - a safe, quiet, beautiful place away from the noise and hustle and bustle of everyday life. 
Funding will be a challenge until more income sources can be developed.  I expect that in one year the farm can be financially self sustaining with several sources of income earned by the participants. 
My thoughts are that within the capacity of the infrastructure in place, this property can support a total of about 4 to 6  permanent residents, singles or with grown children financially independent - seeking a more simple down to earth lifestyle in a beautiful remote place with visitors coming and going for educational vacations. 
What is require is 3 to 4 skilled professional people within the group with experience in at least one or more of the following disciplines.  
  1. Gardening and farming 
  2. Journeyman carpenter or contractor with experience in plumbing, and electrical - solar systems.
  3. Backhoe operator 
  4. Mechanic to repair and maintain heavy and light equipment
  5. Chain operators for firewood 
  6. Knowledgeable in operation of 501 - c - 3 non - profit structure.
  7. Funding - gramt writing skills 
Then once established, 2 to 3 interns can come and go to learn the skills and perhaps some become permanent staff to carry on the mission in the future as others leave.  
The following is what I have in mind as the ideal applicant.  He or  she need not meet all the requirements but at least two or three for each applicant. 
  1. Preferred age range 35 to 45 years old 
  2. Children considered
  3. 1 year or more experience in living off grid or a pioneering like lifestyle?
  4. Experienced in gardening and farming
  5. Professional backhoe operator and know how to service and maintain heavy equipment?
  6. Journeyman carpenter or licensed building contractor?
  7. Professional chainsaw operator that knows how to sharpen and maintain these saws?
  8.  Experience with goats, making cheese, chickens, etc?
  9. Financial independence is desirable or some independent source of income for at least the short term until funding for these programs is established. 

No smoking, no drugs or pot, only moderate social drinking allowed, dogs or cats considered. Good landlord and work references required. Shared income from glamping rentals operating and in place will be available. Expectation - is to be financially self sustaining in one year. References from former employers or last places where you lived will be required.

For more information call or email - 707 459 2391 or

Thanks in advance for your interest.  
Charles Bello