This is Charles Speaking as a friend presenting to you, possibly, interested parties that wish  to participate in the continuance of what my late wife, Vanna Rae and I began 23 years ago as you have seen on the YouTube video by Kristen Derksen. 
After years of researching on how best we can continue with our mission as stated  the Redwood Forest Institutes's mission statement as follows.
  • Preservation of our redwood forest 
  • Restoration of our forest as it was prior to the original harvesting our old growth redwoods at the turn of the century.  
  • Education for children as well as adults in forest ecology and what it means for mankind in the present as well as for future generations.
  • Recreation - a save, quiet. place to commune with nature and reevaluate and restore our lives especially for those having to live in urban area
I have come to the conclusion that the only way there can be a continuance of this mission is to find a small group of about six kindred souls who are dedicated to the off grid lifestyle as portrayed in the video - that have the shared skills to carry on after my demise the infrastructure in place along with the continuance of the mission statement as mentioned.
It has become apparent to me that the only way this can work is for all Board of Directors members - need to be living on the land - as what I call a "For mutual benefit cooperation", like a chosen family that works together as a single unit making all the decisions as to how they are to govern themselves and the operation of RFI's non - profit entity.  Also, I believe it is imperative that the participants have a vested interest in the farm meaning all board members need to be willing to make an upfront donation to RFI of perhaps $40,000 or more non-refundable. Not unlike a person commiting to the purchasing a home and a place to live.
Thank you in advance for your interest.