Hello Everybody:
The rains are finally letting up but it has been a whopper of a year nearly 80 inches to date after 8 years of drought where 30 to 35 inches annually was normal.  Irmulco road is in awful shape so I have had to cancel a number of visitors that wanted to come this past month.  I have not been to town for almost 3 weeks and do not plan to until the has dried out and repairs have been make.  BTY, A neighbor called yesterday to inform me that major work will begin today so I expect by the end of the week the road will be serviceable again.  
On a personal note, I am well after cataract surgery and still putting in 10 hr days on the farm mostly in regards to keeping RFI going.  I have been making major repairs and improvements to the Glass house, Cabin, Grove House, and Gallery making them ready for returning guests and visitors.  I am no longer advertising depending on referrals and returning friends to visit.  RFI's mission statement remains the same.
In the past I have been working full time pro-bono to keep the operation going but I will need to hire help in the future.  As at 85 it is simply too much for me to handle alone.
As for RFI, for the past 6 years or so I have been making a huge effort to try to find a partnership for RFI for the purpose of creating a permanent Sustainable Lifestyle Skills Educational Program.  I have worked with a number of universities.   They have all responded enthusiastically interested in participating but as Dean Christine, Cal Poly, SCHOOL OF Architecture and Environmental Design, stated that the university is not allowed to use funds dedicated to the universities educational facility for outside of campus activities.  What is required to set this program in motion is extensive infrastructure upgrades which cost more than RFI's financial resources can afford.
Late Dec. 2016 a young couple contacted me seemingly to be venture capital experts.   They convinced me that they would be able to raise the necessary funds and would like to become involved with the educational component of our mission.  When it came down to the bottom line seeking funds for our situation proved to be not as easy to as was expected and so we are back to square one as they say.
Presently, I am working with Mendocino Land Trust to see if something can be worked out between RFI and them for the preservation of this land and a continuance of what my late wife and I have accomplished here over the past 49 years.  We will see how it goes.  I think it will be a loss for public benefit especially for future generations if this project were to die upon my demise.  As long as I live, I will do my utmost to seek a way to make the property available for kindred souls.  
I am looking forward towards sharing this awesome place with you again and brain storm as to what might be done to continue and preserve what my late wife and I have initiated.