Unique Caretaker Position Open
Seeking 3 permanent mature, responsible staff members and 4 or so others to  participate in building a small sustainable community on a remote, private 400 acre ranch in the redwoods,130 miles North of San Francisco.  
Objective is to become as self-sustaining as possible in
  • food production - year around food supply
  • energy - ----------  minimal use of fossil fuels
  • financially -------- independent 
  • provide recreational and educational activities for visiting children as well as adults  
 The combined skills required within the group are:
  • safe use of chain saws 
  • Some forestry skills
  • garden - farming 
  • some animals skills - goats, chickens,
  • basic skills in wood working, concrete, and steel (welding, brazing, soldering)
  • basic and plumbing - general handyman skill
  • Operation and maintenance of heavy equipment - backhoe - dump truck - D6 Caterpillar tractor and saw mill.
  •  I will be financing this project personally out of pocket until it becomes  financially self-sustaining which may take 2 years.
COME! JOIN ME! - BREAK THE BOX.  My late wife and I have been living sustainable for the past 50 years and still going strong.  Looking forward to any responses or inquiries.
For more information call 707.459.2391 or email cbello@savetrees.org
Charles and Vanna Rae Bello, founders of RFI (Redwood Forest Institute)