Unique Caretaker Position Open
Seeking 2 single people or a couple skilled, mature, adults, that love nature and are seeking a more self-sustaining earthy way of life on a remote private 400 acre mountain forest ranch in the middle of the redwood forest 130 miles North of San Francisco.
The founder, architect, builder, gardener, has been living on the ranch for 49 years and has a vision to create a community of 6 to 8 people as permanent staff to carry on the Redwood Forest Institute Mission Statement for the
  • Preservation - of the redwood forest
  • Restoration - of old growth trees where there are non
  • Education - forest ecology and sustainable life style skill
  • Recreation - to provide a beautiful place to get away from it all
Skills required
  • safe use of chain saw - forestry skills 
  • garden - farming - animals 
  • use of tools and equipment for construction 
  • skills in working with wood, concrete, and steel 
  • general handyman skills
Objective is to become as self-sustaining as possible in
  • food production - year around food supply
  • energy - ----------  minimal use of fossil fuels
  • financially -------- independent 
  • provide recreational educational activities for children as well as adults  
 Salary commensurate with skill, willingness to take on responsibilities, and work ethic 
For more information call 707.459.2391 or email cbello@savetrees.org
Thanks for your interest 
Charles Bello, founder of RFI