on private 400-acre ranch

Educational Opportunity
Mendocino County, California


This Educational opportunity is being offered by the Redwood Forest Institute, a 501-c-3, California for Public Benefit Organization providing the opportunity for visitors to enhance their vacation experience, with tours of the property, seminars, and lectures on how our Redwood Forests should be managed for the benefit of future generation and other related educational purposes geared specifically to each applicant's interests. The fee is a charitable tax deductible donation to the Redwood Forest Institute.

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The Garden Cabin in the Redwoods sleeps 6, at the Redwood Forest Ranch where you will be staying is a two-bedroom, one-bath A-frame shape with loft, located on a beautiful, private, remote, 400-acre Forest Ranch at the end of the road with one mile of the wild and scenic Noyo River running through it.  It is designed so that a group of family or friends can participate in our Educational and recreational program.

We are located halfway between Willits and Fort Bragg. We're far away from people and cars; deer and other wildlife walk around freely and unafraid. You'll find pristine mountain air to breathe, as well as clean spring water to drink, soothing sounds, and stars bright enough to touch. There are 400 private, unspoiled acres for your enjoyment with 5 miles of hiking trails.

Bring your own food, sleeping bags or sheets, towels, and personal gear. Please include your flashlights.

Rustic but with most all creature comforts provide. There is a wood stove, gas Cooking Range with oven - Refrigerator - complete bathroom with Shower. 

Participation Rates - $145.00 per night per person for two people and $15/night per person for each additional persons.
Note: rates and terms are subject to change without notice

Make checks payable to Redwood Forest Institute, PO Box 2079, Willits, Ca. 95490. Non-refundable full payment is required in order to hold the reservation unless other arrangements are agreed upon.

Charles Bello


On the Spot Recommendation
Random samplings from our guest registry:


Mark, Jennifer, Luke, and Rebecca Estrada
We were looking for a unique vacation experience for our family when we stumbled across Charles Bello's website. We decided that this was exactly what we were looking for. As we drove down into the redwoods it was a step back in time. The further we went, the more excited we became. From the first moment we saw the Garden Cottage, we knew that we had picked the perfect vacation. Mr. Bello came by and gave us a tour and then we were on our own to enjoy the splendor of our natural surroundings. We saw so much beauty and learned so much from Mr. Bello, that this was by far the most memorable vacation that we had ever spent. His knowledge and love of the redwoods has imparted to us the extreme importance of their preservation. We loved it so much that we hope to return again in March. It is a wonderful experience that cannot be matched in this world.

Cabin interior

Cabin exterior

Swimming hole

Entry meadow

Pet turkeys

Pet deer

Creek walk


Redwood Forest Institute is a California, for public benefit, non-profit corporation, organized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code