Bello's Vision for Development of Educational programs for children and adults alike.

My name is Charles Bello. For the past 50 years my late wife and I devoted a good portion of our adult life as stewards to this awesome 400 acre property that was entrusted to us.  That is, we came on bare land and developed water systems, built  roads, bridges, residences, workshops, gardens, orchards, and more.  Experience has shown that there is a great need and interest for people today to want to learn to be more Sustainable.

At 85, it is my desire to establish a small working farm of 4 to 6 permanent staff  with perhaps 6 to 8 interns at a time that will become as self-sustaining as possible in food production, energy, and also financially self-sustaining as a model as to how others can follow our example to create a more simple back to earth life for themselves and teach others to do the same.

I am seeking funds to implement this program ASAP as at my age of 85, I do not have all that much time to share with others all the skills I have acquired over a lifetime of trial and error.
As my cost share, I am willing to donate my land, my time and efforts, and  my personal estate of about $500,000 to this project. 
      What is Required to complete this vision is:
  1.      Developing water retention systems
  2.    Drilling wells and water storage facilities
  3.      Develop complete off grid power system
  4.      Clearing 1 acres of land for gardening and farming
  5.     Preparation for organic gardening and orchards
  6.    Deer fencing, automatic irrigation systems
  7.   Greenhouses                      
        a.  3 permanent residences staff and visitors 
         b.  Out buildings for goats, chickens, etc.
        c.  Bath house - compost toilets, showers
        d.  Communal kitchen and meeting place
        e.  11 miles of road access improvement                                       

Funding and Financing.

      Once the initial infrastructure is in place, (items listed in the above), maintenance, staff   salaries, administration, and operating costs will be funded by timber sales, vacation rentals, educational seminars, and home industry.
   Thank you in advance for your interest and consideration

Call 707.459.2391 or email for more information Charles Bello