Bello's Vision for Development of a Sustainable Lifestyle Skills Educational program

My name is Charles Bello. For the past 47 years my late wife and I devoted a good portion of our adult life as stewards to this awesome 400 acre property that was entrusted to us.  That is, we came on bare land and developed water systems, built  roads, bridges, 4 residences, workshops, gardens, orchards, and more.

At 84, it is my desire is to establish a small working farm with perhaps 2 goats, 2 sheep, 2 rabbits, a dozen chickens and 2 horses along with educational institution targeted to children to commune with nature and at the same time learn some "Sustainable Lifestyle Skills" so that they can expand their skill level and become more independent and self-reliant as they move on through their lives.

I would like to see this project to become as self-sustaining as much as is possible in
  1. food production,
  2. energy,
  3. as well as financially
I am seeking funds from some interested private entity, or charitable organization who would like to participate build the additional infrastructure that is required to get this project under way.
I am willing to donate as my cost share my time and  my personal estate to this project. 
      What is Required to complete this vision is:
     Developing water retention systems
  1.     Drilling wells and water storage facilities
  2.      Develop complete off grid power system
  3.      Clear 1 acres of land for gardening and farming
  4.     Preparation for organic gardening and farming
  5.    Deer fencing, automatic irrigation systems
  6.   Greenhouses
  7.   Preparation and planting additional orchards                         
        a.  3 permanent residences for student and faculty housing
bOut buildings for goats, chickens, etc.
c.  Bath house - sauna, compost toilets, showers
d.  Communal kitchen and meeting place
e.  11 miles of road access improvement
  10.   Forest restoration, fire breaks, timber stand Improvement, reduction of fuel  build up, tree planting, to bring this property to full production and a model as to how the forest should be managed for the benefit of future generations.                                                             

11.  Additional farm equipment as required.

Funding and Financing.
      Once the initial infrastructure is in place, (items 1-11), maintenance, staff   salaries, administration, and operating costs will be funded by timber sales, vacation rentals, educational seminars, possibly some home industry as part of the educational experience.  The objective is to become financially completely  self-sustaining.  An endowment of about $2m in addition to my cost share is needed if this project is to become a reality.
 For more information see link on the menu page to, "Bello's Vision for Internship Program".
   Thank you in advance for your interest and consideration
Charles Bello