Bello's Vision for Development of Educational programs for children and adults alike.

My name is Charles Bello. For the past 50 years my late wife and I devoted our lives as stewards to this awesome 400 acre property that was entrusted to us. In this time frame, without hired help and meager financial funds available to us,  we were able to developed water systems, built  roads, bridges, residences, workshops, gardens, orchards, along with a sustainable life style for ourselves.

At 87 years old, am seeking funds to implement this program as my legacy for the benefit of future generations. 
As my cost share, I am willing to donate my land, my time and efforts, and my personal estate. 

      What is Required to complete this vision.
  1.      Developing water retention systems
  2.    Drilling wells and water storage facilities
  3.      Develop complete off grid power system
  4.      Clearing 1 acres of land for gardening and farming
  5.     Preparation for organic gardening and orchards
  6.    Deer fencing, automatic irrigation systems
  7.   Greenhouses                      
        a.  3 permanent residences staff and visitors 
         b.  Out buildings for goats, chickens, etc.
        c.  Bath house - compost toilets, showers
        d.  Communal kitchen and meeting place
        e.  11 miles of road access improvement  

Funding and Financing.

      Once the initial infrastructure is in place, (items listed in the above), maintenance, staff salaries, administration, and operating costs will be funded by timber sales, vacation rentals, educational seminars, and home industry. See cost breakdown for short and long term goals.  Your donations can make a difference.  

Funding required to accomplishing RFI’s short and long term goals for Bello’s vision for the benefit of participants as well as for future generations.  

  • To make this special 400 acres farm the most awesome, park like, private, vacation, get-a-way  in Mendocino County.
  • To become an accredited Self Sustaining Skills Education  program accommodating interns, children, students, as well as adults
   Thank you in advance for your interest and consideration
Call 707.459.2391 or email for more infor
Charles Bello